Our NaturalSource

it passes through a refined filtration process to preserve Rayyan's simply natural and satisfying taste. Our zero-chlorine system keeps the pure water light and refreshing before bottling in a variety of sizes to suit your needs.

In an unspoiled stretch of desert 60km north of Doha lies a reservoir of natural groundwater – which is the organic source and bottling centre of Rayyan. Once the water is drawn from this health-giving underground aquifer...


We aspire to continually shape our industries through our commitment to products development, technical innovation and community enhancement while remaining good stewards of the natural resources we have been entrusted with


Provide superior natural water and refreshment products as the market leader in the region

Simply Natural

Fresh, natural water sourced from deep below the desert surface

Our Values

Quality is Paramount

Our commitment to quality is woven into every aspect of our business to ensure we consistently operate at the highest possible standards

Innovation is Key

We invest in the latest high-tech equipment and human capital to empower us with the means to be at the forefront of our industry

Natural Focus

You deserve the best nature has to offer and we take pride in providing the natural products you deserve and local community

Community Engagement

We align ourselves with partners and organizations that allow us to positively impact our consumers

The Rayyan Story

Rayyan Pure Natural Mineral Water was launched in 1984 by Khalid Bin Mohammed Al Rabban. From the very start quality was at Rayyan’s core and the world-class production process was set up with the technical assistance of Evian from France. Part of Rabban Holdings, Rayyan is now an award winning brand in its own right with high standards, a modern facility complete with advanced labs and a hygienic fully automated production line, international quality certifications, real commitment to the environment, events and initiatives that engage the community, and a unique edge.

World Class BottlingTHINK GREEN

At Rayyan, we are an engaged corporate citizen and genuinely care about embracing packaging, policies and manufacturing practices that are environmentally friendly

We take active measures to reduce our environmental impact by carefully selecting the materials we use and minimizing waste

Adopting the latest technology, we create lighter bottles with a significantly lower carbon footprint and minimize energy use with highly efficient production systems