Drinking water is the healthiest way to hydrate

Water is a macro-nutrient and is the only fluid we need to hydrate when following a healthy lifestyle. Water contains zero sugar, calories, preservatives or additives; aids digestion and metabolism; replenishes natural fluids depleted by other diuretic drinks; and is a key part of the body's cooling system – Rayyan is natural water and is the perfect choice for hydration.

Hydration Facts

  • 75% of the body is made up of water
  • 80% of the brain is made up of water
  • 75% of the muscles are made up of water
  • 92% of the blood is made up of water
  • Water carries nutrients and oxygen to all cells in the body
  • Water helps convert food into energy
  • Water regulates body temperature
  • 1% dehydration results in thirst
  • There is a 10% decrease in your mental performance when you feel thirsty
  • 2% dehydration reduces your ability to work
  • 4% dehydration results in lethargy, apathy and mental symptoms

If you are dehydrated you are more likely to have trouble concentrating, be more irritable and have more headaches.

Long-term effects of being dehydrated include kidney and urinary tract infections, constipation ,continence problem, and kidney stones.

Did you know that Rayyan is 100% natural and bottled at source?


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